GBSA Committees and National Chapters

GBSA carries out its mission through specialized regional committees, working groups and national chapters across the region that address high priority issues proposed by members and identified as priorities by the GBSA Board.

Governance and Audit Committee

GBSA’s Governance and Audit Committee helps the Board fulfill its oversight responsibilities for financial reporting, internal control, external financial audit and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Regulatory Affairs Committee leads Association activity to improve regulation of the fixed income markets of the Gulf states. It acts as consultative partner to national regulators, including GCC central banks and capital market authorities to assist in creating sound, transparent and harmonised markets. The Committee proposes regulatory initiatives and comments upon draft regulations on request of regulators.

Capital Market Structured Finance Committee

The Capital Market Structured Finance Committee is responsible for exploring with issuers, market players and investors the introduction and widened use of alternative debt capital market structures such as covered bonds.

Events and Conference Committee

The Events and Conference Committee explores, coordinates and leads GBSA’s events programs which include private speaker series, seminars, national and regional conferences.

GBSA maintains active work streams for Infrastructure Finance, Green Bonds and Sukuk, Pensions Reform, Investment Management and Investor Relations.