DCM New Issuance

2009 to 2017

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YearIssuer NameBond/Sukuk NameBond or SukukSubscription DateMaturityIssue SizeCoupon/Profit Rate
2017ACWA Power Management and Investments One LimitedACWA Power Bond (2022)BOND2017/052039 amortUSD 8145.95%
2017Sultanate of OmanSultanate of Oman Sukuk (2024)SUKUK2017/052024USD 2,0004.397%
2017Al Baraka Banking GroupAl Baraka Banking Group Perpetual SukukSUKUK2017/05PerpetualUSD 4007.875%
2017Qatar Islamic BankQatar Islamic Bank Sukuk (2022)SUKUK2017/052022USD 7503.251%
2017Mubadala Development CompanyMubadala Bond 2024BOND2017/042024USD 8503.00%
2017Mubadala Development CompanyMubadala Bond 2029BOND2017/042029USD 650 3.75%
2017Al Ahli Bank of KuwaitABK BondBOND2017/042022USD 5003.50%
2017Islamic Development BankIslamic Development Bank SukukSUKUK2017/042022USD 1,2502.393%
2017Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia 2027 SukukSUKUK2017/042027USD 4,5003.628%
2017Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia 2022 SukukSUKUK2017/042022USD 4,5002.894%
2017Ezdan HoldingEzdan Sukuk 2022SUKUK2017/042022USD 5004.875%
2017Damac Real Estate DevelopmentDAMAC SukukSUKUK2017/042022USD 5006.25%
2017National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)NBAD Green bondBOND2017/032022USD 5873.00%
2017The State of KuwaitKuwait Bond 2022BOND2017/032022USD 3,5002.75%
2017The State of KuwaitKuwait Bond 2027BOND2017/032027USD 4,5003.50%
2017Bank of Sharjah Bank of Sharjah 2022BOND2017/032022USD 5004.23%
2017Qatar Re (Bermuda) LimitedQatar Reinsurance Company Bond 2022BOND2017/032022USD 4504.95%
2017Sultanate of OmanSultanate of Oman Bond 2022BOND2017/032022USD 1,0003.875%
2017Sultanate of OmanSultanate of Oman Bond 2027BOND2017/032027USD 2,0005.375%
2017Sultanate of OmanSultanate of Oman Bond 2047BOND2017/032047USD 2,0006.500%
2017Warba BankWarba Tier 1 Sukuk LimitedSUKUK2017/03PerpetualUSD 2506.50%
2017Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO)KIPCO Bond 2027BOND2017/022027USD 5004.50%
2017MAF Global Securities LimitedMAF Perpetual BondBOND2017/02PerpetualUSD 5005.50%
2017The Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Bond 2028BOND2017/022028USD 6007.00%
2017Investment Corporation of DubaiInvestment Corporation of Dubai SukukSUKUK2017/022027USD 1,0005.056%
2017Dubai Islamic BankDubai Islamic Bank Sukuk 2022SUKUK2017/022022USD 1,0003.664%
2017Equate PetrochemicalEquate SukukSUKUK2017/022024USD 5003.944%
2017National Bank of Abu DhabiNational Bank of Abu Dhabi Formosa BondBOND2017/012047USD 885
2016Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” Markaz (Floating Rate Tranche)BOND2016/122021KWD 25Floating Rate Tranche
2016Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” Markaz (Fixed Rate Tranche)BOND2016/122021KWD 255.00%
2016Oman Arab BankOAD Perp BondBOND2016/12PerpetualOMR 30
2016Islamic Development BankIsDB Sukuk (2021)SUKUK2016/122021USD 1,2502.263%
2016Saudi Investment BankSIB SukukSUKUK2016/11SAR 500
2016Etihad AirwaysEtihad SukukSUKUK2016/112021USD 1,500 3.86%
2016Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP)APICORP BondBOND2016/102021USD 300Floating Rate
2016Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (TAQA) TAQA (2021)BOND2016/102021USD 2503.05%
2016Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (TAQA) TAQA (2026)BOND2016/102026USD 5003.80%
2016Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Sovereign Bond (2046)BOND2016/102046USD 6,5002.375%
2016Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Sovereign Bond (2026)BOND2016/102026USD 5,5003.25%
2016Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Sovereign Bond (2021)BOND2016/102021USD 5,5004.50%
2016National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)NBAD Formosa Bond (2046)BOND2016/102046USD 6210%
2016EQUATE Petrochemicals CompanyEquate Bond 2022BOND2016/102022USD 1,0003.40%
2016EQUATE Petrochemicals CompanyEquate Bond 2026BOND2016/102026USD 1,2504.40%
2016Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Sovereign Bond (2028)BOND2016/102028USD 1,0007.00%
2016Ahli United BankAUB Perp SukukSUKUK2016/10PerpetualUSD 2005.50%
2016Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Sovereign Sukuk (2023)SUKUK2016/102023USD 1,0005.625%
2016Mashreq BankMashreq Bank CNH BondBOND2016/09CNH 2504.10%
2016China Construction Bank (CCB)CCB BondBOND2016/092019USD 6001.75%
2016Sultanate of Oman Oman Sovereign Bond (2026)BOND2016/092026USD 1,500
2016Sultanate of Oman Oman Sovereign Bond (2021)BOND2016/092021USD 1,000
2016Union National BankUNB BondBOND2016/092021USD 6002.75%
2016Burgan BankBurgan Bank Bond 2021BOND2016/092021USD 5003.125%
2016Emaar PropertiesEmaar Sukuk 2026SUKUK2016/092026USD 7503.635%
2016Sharjah Islamic BankSIB Sukuk 2021SUKUK2016/092021USD 5003.084%
2016Renaissance Services BOND2016/082017OMR 8,0823.75%
2016Qatar International Islamic BankQIIB SukukSUKUK2016/08QAR 1,000
2016Bank AlBiladSUKUK2016/082026SAR 2,0004.298%
2016Emirates Islamic BankEIB 2021SUKUK2016/082021USD 2503.542%
2016National Bank of Oman (NBO)National Bank of Oman BondBOND2016/072019USD 1003.125%
2016MAF Global Securities LimitedMAF Bond (2024)BOND2016/072024USD 3003.95%
2016Turkiye Halk BankasiHalk Bank Bond (2021)BOND2016/072021USD 5005.00%
2016Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) ICBC BondBOND2016/06USD 400
2016Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC TAQA Bond (2026)BOND2016/062026USD 5004.38%
2016Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC TAQA Bond (2021)BOND2016/062021USD 5003.63%
2016Ooredoo Q.S.COoredoo Bond (2026)BOND2016/062026USD 5003.75%
2016Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.CCBQ Bond (2021)BOND2016/062021USD 7503.25%
2016Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company PSC ADNIC (convertible bonds)ADNIC Convertible Bond (2019)BOND2016/062019AED 3907.50%
2016Sultanate of Oman Oman Sovereign Bond (2026)BOND2016/062026USD 1,5004.75%
2016Sultanate of Oman Oman Sovereign Bond (2021)BOND2016/062021USD 1,0003.63%
2016Sultanate of Oman Oman Sovereign Bond (2026)SUKUK2016/062022USD 5003.50%
2016Al Hilal BankAl Hilal Bank Sukuk (2019)SUKUK2016/062019USD 2253 month LIBOR+160 basis points
2016MB Holding Company LLCMB Holding SukukSUKUK2016/062021USD 1508.50%
2016Hazine Mustesarligi Varlik Kiralama Anonim SirketiThe Republic of Turkey SukukSUKUK2016/062021USD 1,0004.251%
2016State of QatarQatar Sovereign Bond (2046)BOND2016/052046USD 2,0004.625%
2016State of QatarQatar Sovereign Bond (2026)BOND2016/052026USD 35003.25%
2016State of QatarQatar Sovereign Bond (2021)BOND2016/052021USD 35002.375%
2016Qatar National Bank S.A.Q.QNB Finance Ltd EuroBond (2018)BOND2016/052018USD 6253 months LIBOR + 140 bps
2016Mubadala Development Company PJSCMubadala EuroBondBOND2016/052023USD 5002.75%
2016Gulf Bank K.S.C.P.Gulf Bank Subordinated Tier 2 Bond (Floating Rate Tranche)BOND2016/052026KWD 50 Floating Rate
2016Gulf Bank K.S.C.P.Gulf Bank Subordinated Tier 2 Bond (Fixed Rate Tranche)BOND2016/052026KWD 504.25%
2016BankMuscat S.A.O.G.BankMuscat EMTN Programme (2021)BOND2016/052021USD 5003.75%
2016Emirate of Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi EuroBond (Tranche A)BOND2016/052026USD 25003.125%
2016Emirate of Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi EuroBond (Tranche B)BOND2016/052021USD 25002.125%
2016DP World LimitedDP World Sukuk (2023)SUKUK2016/052023USD 1,2003.908% p.a., semi-annual payments
2016Noor Bank PJSCNoor Tier 1 SukukSUKUK2016/05PerpetualUSD 5006.25%
2016Boubyan Tier 1 Capital SPC LimitedBoubyan Bank SukukSUKUK2016/05PerpetualUSD 2506.75%
2016EIB Sukuk Company LtdEmirates Islamic Bank Sukuk (2021)SUKUK2016/052021USD 7503.542%
2016Ezdan Holding Group Q.S.C.Ezdan SukukSUKUK2016/052021USD 5004.375%
2016Gulf International Bank B.S.C.Gulf International Bank BondBOND2016/042021SAR 2000SIBOR + 140 bps
2016Ahli Bank Q.S.C.Ahli Bank EMTN Programme (2021 USD)BOND2016/042021USD 5003.625%
2016Hilal Services LimitedIsCD SukukSUKUK2016/042021USD 3002.47%
2016Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSCADCB Finance Limited Bond (2036)BOND2016/032036USD 224.65%
2016First Gulf Bank PJSCFirst Gulf Bank Bond (2020)BOND2016/032020USD 9002.625%
2016Kuwait Projects Company Holding K.S.C.P.Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) K.S.C (Tranche A)BOND2016/032023USD 5005.00%
2016Burgan BankBurgan Bank Tier 2 Subordinated Bond (Tranche A)BOND2016/032026KWD 30.16.00%
2016Burgan BankBurgan Bank Tier 2 Subordinated Bond (Tranche B)BOND2016/032026KWD 69.93.95 bps
2016DIB Sukuk Company LimitedDIB Sukuk(Tranche 3)SUKUK2016/032021USD 500
2016Gulf Investment Corporation G.S.C.GIC IMTN Sukuk(Tranche 5)SUKUK2016/032021MYR 4505.10%
2016IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 26)SUKUK2016/032021USD 15001.78%
2016Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSCADCB Finance Limited Bond (2046 Zero Coupon)BOND2016/022046USD 30Zero Coupon
2016Qatar National Bank S.A.Q.QNB Finance Ltd EuroBond (Floating 2018)BOND2016/022018USD 3003 months LIBOR + 1.65 bps
2016Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Sovereign Bond (2026)BOND2016/022026USD 3255.875%
2016Kingdom of BahrainBahrain Sovereign Bond (2021)BOND2016/022021USD 2757.00%
2016IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 25)SUKUK2016/022023EUR 3000.26%
2016IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 25)SUKUK2016/022023EUR 3000.26%
2016RVOS Sukuk LimitedRawabi Vallianz SukukSUKUK2016/022021SAR 1000Floater
2016Etihad AirwaysEtihad Airways Bond 2020BOND2016/012020USD 7007.00%
2016Sharjah Sukuk (2) LimitedSharjah Sovereign Sukuk 2016SUKUK2016/012021USD 5003.84%
2015ABHC SukukAl Bayan Sukuk(IMTN 3)SUKUK2015/122016MYR 1004.50%
2015Commercial Bank International P.S.C.Commercial Bank International Perpetual Tier1 BondBOND2015/11Perpetual USD 125N/A
2015Ministry of Finance - BahrainBahrain Eurobond (Tranche B) BOND2015/112026USD 11257.00%
2015Ministry of Finance - BahrainBahrain Eurobond (Tranche A) BOND2015/112021USD 9755.875%
2015IDBI Bank Limited - DubaiIDBI Bank EuroBondBOND2015/112020USD 3504.25%
2015National Bank of Kuwait GroupNBK Tier II Subordinated BondBOND2015/112025KWD 125N/A
2015National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSCNBAD EMTN Programme/ Bond 2017BOND2015/112017USD 200LIBOR
2015International Bank of Qatar Q.S.C.IBQ EMTN Programme (Tranche A)BOND2015/112020USD 5003.50%
2015Commercial Bank of Dubai P.S.C.CBD BondBOND2015/112020USD 4004.00%
2015National Bank of Oman SAOGNBO Perpetual Tier 1BOND2015/11PerpetualUSD 3007.875%
2015FH Tier 1 Sukuk LimitedFinance House Sukuk(Tranche 2)SUKUK2015/112020AED 1007.50%
2015APICORP Sukuk LimitedAPICORP Sukuk(Tranche 1)SUKUK2015/102020USD 5002.383%
2015MAF Sukuk LimitedMajid Al Futtaim Sukuk(Tranche 2)SUKUK2015/102025USD 5004.50%
2015Oman Sovereign Sukuk SAOCOman Sovereign SukukSUKUK2015/102020OMR 2503.50%
2015QIB Sukuk Ltd (QIBSL)QIB Sukuk II(Tranche 2)SUKUK2015/102020USD 7502.754%
2015IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 24)SUKUK2015/102020EUR 3000.318%
2015Arab National BankArab National Bank Callable SukukSUKUK2015/092025SAR 20006 months SIBOR + 140 bps
2015Damac Real Estate LLCDamac Sukuk IISUKUK2015/092017USD 1003 months LIBOR
2015Almarai CompanyAlmarai Senior SukukSUKUK2015/092022SAR 1600N/A
2015IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 23)SUKUK2015/092020EUR 1000.23%
2015OREIDCO Sukuk LimitedAl Othaim Real Estate and Investment Company SukukSUKUK2015/082020SAR 10006 months SIBOR + 170 bps
2015Renaissance Services SAOGRenaissance Services Perpetual Bond (Tranche 1)BOND2015/07PerpetualUSD 38.57.90%
2015Renaissance Services SAOGRenaissance Services Perpetual Bond (Tranche 2)BOND2015/07Perpetual OMR 33.57.90%
2015The National Shipping Company of Saudi ArabiaBahri SukukSUKUK2015/072022SAR 3900SIBOR + 80 bps
2015National Commercial BankNCB Tier I Perpetual SukukSUKUK2015/07Perpetual SAR 2000N/A
2015FH Tier 1 Sukuk LimitedFinance House Sukuk(Tranche 1)SUKUK2015/072020AED 2007.50%
2015IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 22)SUKUK2015/072020EUR 1000.31%
2015National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSCNBAD USD Perpetual BondBOND2015/06Perpetual USD 7505.25%
2015Bank of Sharjah P.J.S.C.Bank of Sharjah Bond 2020BOND2015/062020USD 5003.374%
2015Qatar Islamic Bank (S.A.Q)QIB Tier 1 SukukSUKUK2015/06PerpetualQAR 2000N/A
2015Saudi Binladin GroupSaudi Binladin SukukSUKUK2015/062016SAR 10002.50%
2015Riyad BankRiyad Bank Sukuk IISUKUK2015/062025SAR 40006 months SIBOR + 115 bps
2015National Commercial BankNCB Subordinated Tier I SukukSUKUK2015/062025SAR 1000N/A
2015Najran Cement CompanyNajran Cement SukukSUKUK2015/062020SAR 4003 months SIBOR + 140 bps
2015Bank Dhofar SAOGBank Dhofar Tier 1 Perpetual BondBOND2015/05Perpetual USD 3006.85%
2015First Gulf Bank PJSCFirst Gulf Bank Bond 2022BOND2015/052022CHF 2000.625%
2015Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Middle East) LimitedICBC Bond 2020BOND2015/052020USD 5002.625%
2015DP World LimitedDP World Bond 2020BOND2015/052020USD 5003.25%
2015Al Omaniya Financial Services SAOGAOFS Bond 2018BOND2015/052018OMR 1.84.00%
2015Oman Electricity Transmission Company S.A.O.CLamar Funding Bond 2025BOND2015/052025USD 10003.958%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (USD, 2020)BOND2015/052020USD 3503.00%
2015SABBSABB Tier 2 Sukuk 2025SUKUK2015/052025SAR 15006 months SIBOR + 130 bps
2015DIB Sukuk Company LimitedDIB Sukuk 2017(Tranche 2)SUKUK2015/052020USD 7502.921%
2015Al Ahli United Bank (Bahrain) BSCAhli United Bank Perpetual BondBOND2015/04PerpetualUSD 4006.875%
2015Mashreq Bank PSCMashreq Bank Bond (April, 2016)BOND2015/042016USD 301.30%
2015NBK Tier I FinancingNBK Tier I Financing Ltd Perpetual BondBOND2015/04 PerpetualUSD 7005.75%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 275)BOND2015/042019CNY 805.00%
2015Noor Sukuk Company LimitedNoor Bank SukukSUKUK2015/042020USD 5002.788%
2015Aabar Investments PJSAabar Bond 2020BOND2015/032020EUR 10000.50%
2015Aabar Investments PJSAabar Bond 2022BOND2015/032022EUR 10001.00%
2015BBK B.S.C.BBK Bond 2020BOND2015/032020USD 4003.50%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (EUR, 2020)BOND2015/032020EUR 5501.75%
2015BankMuscat S.A.O.G.BankMuscat Convertible Bond 2018BOND2015/032018N/A3.50%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 267)BOND2015/032025AUD 115.05%
2015Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSCADCB Finance Limited Bond (2020, USD)BOND2015/032020USD 7502.625%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 264)BOND2015/032015EUR 310.483%
2015RAK CapitalRas al-Khaimah Sovereign SukukSUKUK2015/032025USD 10003.094%
2015Khadrawy LimitedEmirates Airline - UK Export Finance (UKEF) SukukSUKUK2015/032025USD 9132.471%
2015IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 21)SUKUK2015/032020USD 10001.831%
2015SIB Sukuk Company III Limited (SIBIII)Sharjah Islamic Bank Sukuk III(Tranche 2)SUKUK2015/032020USD 5002.843%
2015First Gulf Bank PJSCFirst Gulf Bank Bond (2020)BOND2015/022020USD 750USD 750
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (AUD, 2022)BOND2015/022022AUD 4504.75%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 257)BOND2015/022016EUR 100.48%
2015National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSCNBAD Bond (USD, 2020)BOND2015/022020USD 7502.25%
2015Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 253)BOND2015/012025AUD 195.18%
2015DIB Tier 1 Sukuk (2) LTDDIB Tier 1 Sukuk IISUKUK2015/01PerpetualUSD 10006.75%
2014ICICI Bank LimitedICICI Bank Limited Bahrain Branch (Bond 2017)BOND2014/112017CNY 6004.00%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 251)BOND2014/112015CHF 510.473%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (EUR, 2026)BOND2014/112026EUR 203.00%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (USD, 2019)BOND2014/112019USD 10003.25%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (USD, 2015)BOND2014/112015USD 801.22%
2014Mubadala GE CapitalMubadala GE Capital Bond (2019)BOND2014/112019USD 5003.00%
2014Advanced Petrochemical CompanyAdvanced Petrochemical SukukSUKUK2014/112019SAR 266.54Floater
2014Al Shindagha Sukuk LimitedFlydubai Sukuk 2019SUKUK2014/112019USD 5003.776%
2014Drake and Scull International PJSCDrake & Scull International SukukSUKUK2014/112019USD 1203 months LIBOR
2014Mumtalakat Sukuk Holding CompanyMumtalakat Holding Sukuk 2021SUKUK2014/112021USD 6004.49%
2014DIFC Sukuk LimitedDIFC Investments SukukSUKUK2014/112024USD 7004.325%
2014National Bank of Oman SAOGNational Bank of Oman Bond 2019BOND2014/102019USD 5003.13%
2014HSBC Bank Middle EastHSBC Bank Middle East BondBOND2014/102019USD 4002.75%
2014Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company BSCBahrain Commercial Facilities Company Bond 8BOND2014/102019BHD 20Floater
2014Emirates NBD ENBD Bond (NZD, 2019)BOND2014/102019NZD 1006.00%
2014IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 20)SUKUK2014/102019EUR 300N/A
2014Agricultural Bank of China Limited Dubai BranchABC Limited Bond (September 2017)BOND2014/092017CNY 10003.50%
2014Burgan BankBurgan Bank Perpetual Tier 1 BondBOND2014/09PerpetualUSD 5007.25%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Perpetual Bond IIBOND2014/09PerpetualUSD 5006.375%
2014Ministry of Finance - BahrainBahrain Sovereign Bond 2044BOND2014/092044USD 12506.00%
2014Abu Dhabi Commercial BankADCB Finance Limited Bond (September 2019)BOND2014/092019USD 6002.75%
2014Abu Dhabi Commercial BankADCB Finance Limited Bond (Zero Coupon 2044)BOND2014/092044USD 800
2014IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 19)SUKUK2014/092019USD 15002.111%
2014Sharjah Sukuk LimitedSharjah Sovereign SukukSUKUK2014/092024USD 7503.764%
2014Mashreqbank PSCMashreq Bank Bond (Fixed November 2015)BOND2014/082015USD 251.33%
2014Mashreqbank PSCMashreq Bank Bond (Floating August 2016)BOND2014/082016CHF 253 months LIBOR + 85 bps
2014Kuwait Energy Company K.S.C. (Closed)Kuwait Energy Company Bond 2019BOND2014/082019USD 2509.50%
2014First Gulf Bank Q.S.CFirst Gulf Bank Bond (JPY 2019)BOND2014/072019JPY 100000.863%
2014IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 18)SUKUK2014/072019USD 10001.8118%
2014Commercial Bank of QatarCBQ Finance Limited 2019BOND2014/062019USD 7502.875%
2014The National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (P.S.C.)RAKBANK Bond (2019)BOND2014/062019USD 5003.25%
2014Emirates Telecommunications CorporationEtisalat Bond (2021, EUR)BOND2014/062021EUR 12001.75%
2014Emirates Telecommunications CorporationEtisalat Bond (2024, USD)BOND2014/062024USD 5003.50%
2014Emirates Telecommunications CorporationEtisalat Bond (2019, USD)BOND2014/062019USD 5002.375%
2014Emirates Telecommunications CorporationEtisalat Bond (2026, EUR)BOND2014/062026EUR 12002.75%
2014Investcorp Bank B.S.C.Investcorp Bank Bond 2019BOND2014/062019CHF 1254.75%
2014MashreqbankMashreq Bank Bond (Fixed June 2016)BOND2014/062016USD 102.06%
2014MashreqbankMashreq Bank Bond (Fixed June 2015)BOND2014/062015USD 501.30%
2014DP World LimitedDP World Convertible Bond 2024BOND2014/062024USD 10001.75%
2014Al Hilal BankAHB Tier 1 SukukSUKUK2014/06PerpetualUSD 5005.50%
2014National Petrochemical Company - Saudi ArabiaNational Petrochemical Company (Petrochem) SukukSUKUK2014/062019SAR 12006 months SIBOR + 170 bps
2014Fawaz AlHokair GroupAlHokair SukukSUKUK2014/062019SAR 500N/A
2014EMG Sukuk LimitedEmaar Malls Group SukukSUKUK2014/062024USD 7504.564%
2014Banque Saudi FransiBanque Saudi Fransi Tier 2 SukukSUKUK2014/062024SAR 20006 months SIBOR + 140 bps
2014Saudi Telecom CompanySaudi Telecom SukukSUKUK2014/062024SAR 20003 months SIBOR + 70 bps
2014The Saudi Investment BankSaudi Investment Bank SukukSUKUK2014/062024SAR 20006 months SIBOR + 145 bps
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 219)BOND2014/052015USD 251.24%
2014Investment Corporation of DubaiInvestment Corporation of Dubai Bond 2024BOND2014/052024USD 3004.625%
2014Gulf International Bank B.S.C.GIB Bond 2019BOND
2014/052019SAR 20003 months SIBOR + 72.5 bps
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (AUD 2019)BOND2014/052019AUD 4005.75%
2014Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLCMAF Bond 2024BOND2014/052024USD 5004.75%
2014Abu Dhabi National Energy CompanyTaqa Bond 2024BOND2014/052024USD 7503.875%
2014Dar Al-Arkan Sukuk CompanyDAAR Sukuk V(Tranche 3)SUKUK2014/052019USD 4006.50%
2014ICD Sukuk Company LimitedInvestment Corporation of Dubai SukukSUKUK2014/052020USD 7003.508%
2014Mubadala Development CompanyMubadala GMTN Bond (2022)BOND2014/042022USD 7503.25%
2014Al Omaniya Financial ServicesAOFS Bond 2016BOND2014/042016OMR 1.65.00%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 216)BOND2014/042015USD 351.36%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 213)BOND2014/042015USD 501.40%
2014First Gulf Bank Q.S.CFirst Gulf Bank Bond (AUD 2019)BOND2014/042019AUD 2505.00%
2014Dubai DOF Sukuk LimitedDubai DOF Sukuk(2029)SUKUK2014/042029USD 7505.00%
2014Saudi Electricity Global SUKUK Co. 3Saudi Electricity Global Sukuk III(Tranche 1)SUKUK2014/042024USD 15004.00%
2014Saudi Electricity Global SUKUK Co. 3Saudi Electricity Global Sukuk III(Tranche 2)SUKUK2014/042044USD 10005.50%
2014Alpha Star Holding LimitedDamac SukukSUKUK2014/042019USD 6504.97%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 211)BOND2014/032024USD 403 months LIBOR + 300 bps
2014National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSCNBAD AUD Bond 2019BOND2014/032019AUD 4004.75%
2014IDB Trust Services LimitedIslamic Development Bank MTN Sukuk(Series 16)SUKUK2014/032019USD 15001.8125%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 206)BOND2014/022015USD 251.40%
2014Abu Dhabi Commercial BankADCB Finance Limited Bond (2019)BOND2014/022019USD 7503.00%
2014MashreqbankMashreq Bank Bond (Fixed 2015)BOND2014/022015USD 501.45%
2014MashreqbankMashreq Bank Bond (Fixed 2017)BOND2014/022017KWD 102.75%
2014Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) K.S.C (Fixed Bond 2019)BOND2014/022019USD 5004.80%
2014National Commercial BankNCB Subordinated Tier II SukukSUKUK2014/022024SAR 50006 months SIBOR + 110 bpsDIP Sukuk Limited
2014DIP Sukuk LimitedDubai Investments Park SukukSUKUK2014/022019USD 3004.29%
2014Emirates NBD PJSCENBD Bond (Series 203)BOND2014/012015USD 501.43%
2014Bahrain Commercial Facilities CompanyBahrain Commercial Facilities Company Bond 7BOND2014/012018BHD 20Floater
2014Saudi Electricity CompanySaudi Electricity Company Sukuk IVSUKUK2014/012024SAR 45003 months SIBOR + 70 bps
2013SABB2013/122020SR 399.986 months SIBOR + 140 bps
2013Saudi Hollandi Bank2013/122023SR 666.636 months SIBOR + 155 bps
2013OOREDOO Q.S.C.2013/122018USD 1.2503.04%
2013Kingdom of Jordan2013/112020USD 1.2502.50%
2013Emirates NBD PJSC2013/112023USD 51.675.00%
2013Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank2013/112017USD 5001.54%
2013Saudi Basic Industries Corporation2013/112020EUR 1019.42.75%
2013First Gulf Bank Q.S.C2013/112019USD 5003.25%
2013Topaz Energy & Marine Limited2013/112018USD 3508.63%
2013Aldar Properties PJSC2013/112018USD 7504.348%
2013Dar Al-Arkan Sukuk Company2013/112016USD 3005.75%
2013GEMS MENASA Sukuk Limited2013/112018USD 20012.00%
2013Riyad Bank2013/112020SR 1066.581.64%
2013Al Bayan Holding Company Sukuk2013/112014MR 37.774.20%
2013MAF Global Securities2013/10PerpetualUSD 5007.125%
2013Al Khalij Commercial Bank2013/102018USD 5003.25%
2013Republic of Turkey2013/102018USD 1,2504.557%
2013RAK Capital Sukuk II2013/102018USD 500-
2013FWU Group2013/102018 amortUSD 207.00%
2013General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA)2013/102023SR 15,2113.21%
2013Al Marai2013/09perpetualSR 1,7003m LIBOR + 200
2013Al Hilal Bank2013/102018USD 5003.267%
2013Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC)2013/092018USD 1,0002.625%
2013International Islamic Liquidity Management2013/081.11.2013USD 4900.562%
2013Ruwais Power Company (for Shuweihat 2)2013/072036 (amort) USD 8256.00%
2013Kingdom of Bahrain2013/072023USD 1,5006.125%
2013Islamic Development Bank2013/052018USD 1,0001.535%
2013Marafiq2013/052018SR 2,500SIBOR+85
2013Dar Al Arkan (Sukuk Company Ltd)2013/052018USD 4503.125%
2013National Bank of Abu Dhabi (convertible)2013/052018USD 4651.00%
2013Emirates NBD2013/05perpetualUSD 1,0005.75%
2013Bahrain Telecommunications2013/052020USD 6504.25%
2013Commercial Bank of Dubai2013/052018USD 5003.375%
2013Turkiye Finans2013/042018USD 5003.95%
2013Al Bayan Holding2013/042016MR 200N/A
2013Qatar National Bank2013/042020USD 1,0002.875%
2013AK Lease 2013/042018USD 2504.25%
2013Sharjah Islamic Bank2013/042018USD 5002.95%
2013Sadara Chemical Co.2013/042029SR 7,500SIBOR + 95
2013Saudi Electricity Company Global Sukuk2013/042043USD 1,0005.06%
2013Saudi Electricity Company Global Sukuk2013/042023USD 1,0003.473%
2013Al Marai2013/03N/ASR 1,300SIBOR +
2013Bank Asya2013/032023USD 2507.50%
2013Emirates NBD2013/032023USD 7504.875%
2013BankMuscat2013/032018USD 5002.50%
2013Dubai Islamic Bank2013/03PerpetualUSD 1,0006.25%
2013Emirates NBD2013/032023USD 503mLIBOR+
2013Emirates (Airline)2013/032023 amortUSD 1,0003.875%
2013Akbank2013/032018TL 1,0007.50%
2013ADCB (Cayman Finance Ltd.)2013/022018USD 7502.50%
2013ADCB (Cayman Finance Ltd.)2013/022023USD 7504.50%
2013Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)2013/022018USD 1,0003.00%
2013Emirates (Airline)2013/012025 amortUSD 7504.50%
2013Emirate of Dubai2013/012043USD 5005.25%
2013Emirate of Dubai2013/012023USD 7503.875%
2013Qatar National Bank2013/012015CHF 300CHF LIBOR + 40
2013Emirates (Airline) (US EXIM guarantee)2013/012025USD 148.551.684%
2012Qatar Telecom2012/122022USD 1,0003.25%
2012Gulf Investment Corporation2012/112017USD 5003.25%
2012Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (TAQA)2012/112022USD 1,2503.625%
2012Abu Dhabi National Energy Co2012/112018USD 7502.5%
2012International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)2012/112023EUR 850 3.625%
2012International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)2012/112018EUR 8002.375%
2012International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)2012/112015USD 7501.75%
2012Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank2012/11PerpetualUSD 1,0006.375%
2012Investcorp2012/102017USD 2508.25%
2012Qatar International Islamic Bank2012/102017USD 7002.688%
2012Qatar Islamic Bank2012/102017USD 7502.50%
2012First Gulf Bank2012/102017USD 6502.862%
2012Republic of Turkey2012/092018USD 1,5002.803%
2012Qatar Petroleum (JBIC Guarantee)2012/082022JPY 85,0001.11%
2012National Bank of Abu Dhabi2012/082019USD 7503.00%
2012State of Qatar2012/072022USD 2,0003.241%
2012State of Qatar2012/072017USD 2,0002.099%
2012Emaar Properties2012/072017USD 5006.40%
2012Banque Centrale de Tunisie (USAID Guarantee)2012/072019USD 4851.686%
2012Emirates Islamic Bank2012/072017USD 5004.147%
2012Majid al Futtaim Holding LLC2012/062019USD 5005.25%
2012Islamic Development Bank2012/062017USD 8001.357%
2012Kingdom of Bahrain2012/062022USD 1,0006.125%
2012Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)2012/062019USD 6507.00%
2012National Industrialization Company (Tasnee)2012/052019SR 2,000SIBOR+ 105
2012Dubai Islamic Bank2012/052017USD 5004.752%
2012Banque Saudi Fransi2012/052017USD 7502.947%
2012Government of Dubai Sukuk2012/042017USD 6004.90%
2012Government of Dubai Sukuk2012/042022USD 6506.45%
2012Al Argan International Real Estate Company2012/042017KD 23.26.25%
2012Al Argan International Real Estate Company2012/042017KD 3.3Disc. rate + 350 bps
2012Commercial Bank of Qatar2012/042017USD 5003.375%
2012Saudi Arabian British Bank2012/032017SR 1,500SIBOR+ 120
2012Saudi Electricity Company2012/032022USD 1,2504.211%
2012Saudi Electricity Company2012/032017USD 5002.665%
2012National Bank of Abu Dhabi2012/032017USD 750 3.25%
2012Emirates NBD2012/032017USD 1,0004.625%
2012Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank2012/032027USD 505.50%
2012Almarai Company2012/032019SAR 1,000SIBOR+ 100
2012Emirates NBD2012/032015CNY 1,0004.875%
2012Doha Bank2012/032017USD 5003.5%
2012Qatar National Bank2012/022017USD 1,0003.375%
2012Republic of Turkey2012/022022USD 1,0006.25%
2012Dolphin Energy2012/022022USD 1,0005.5%
2012MAF Sukuk Ltd.2012/022017USD 4005.85%
2012General Authority of Civil Aviation 2012/012022SR 15,0002.50%
2012Emirates Islamic Bank (guaranteed by Emirates-NBD)2012/012017USD 5004.718%
2012First Gulf Bank2012/012017USD 5004.046%
2012Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO)2012/012016KD 48.54.75%
2012Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO)2012/012016KD 31.5Disc. rate + 200 bps
2012Tamweel Funding (guaranteed by Dubai Islamic Bank)2012/012017USD 3005.154%
2011Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz)2011/122017KD 225.00%
2011Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz)2011/122017KD 22Disc. rate + 250 bps
2011State of Qatar2011/122017USD 2,0003.125%
2011State of Qatar2011/122022USD 2,0004.50%
2011State of Qatar2011/122042USD 1,0005.75%
2011Gulf International Bank2011/122014USD 3006 month LIBOR +130
2011Commercial Facilities Company, SAK2011/122015KD 50Disc. rate + 250 bps
2011Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA)2011/122017USD 7504.125% UST plus 330 bps
2011Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA)2011/122021USD 7505.875% UST plus 390 bps
2011Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Sukuk2011/112016USD 5004.071% Mid-swaps +275 bps
2011Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank2011/112016USD 5003.78% Mid-swaps + 245 bps
2011Kingdom of Bahrain Sukuk2011/112018USD 7506.273% Mid-swaps + 450 bps
2011Republic of Indonesia2011/112018USD 1,0004.00%
2011Union National Bank2011/112016USD 4003.875% mid-swaps + 287.5 bps
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/102017USD 1,5003.75% Mid-swaps + 262.5 bps
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/102022USD 1,5005.5% Mid-swaps + 312.5 bps
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/102041USD 7506,875% Mid-swaps + 350 bps
2011Kuveyt Turk sukuk2011/102016USD 3505.875%
2011Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP)2011/102025SR 3.75SAIBOR + margin
2011First Gulf Bank2011/082016USD 6503.797%
2011Gulf Investment Corporation2011/072016RM 7504.90%
2011Almana Group W.L.L.2011/072016USD 215LIBOR plus 450 bps
2011Government of Dubai2011/062021USD 5005.591%
2011Emirates Airlines2011/062016USD 1,0005.125%
2011HSBC Bank Middle East2011/052016USD 5003.575%
2011MayHSBC Bank Middle East2011/052016USD 7502.35%
2011Sharjah Islamic Bank2011/052016USD 4004.715%
2011Sharjah Islamic Bank2011/052019USD 6506.00%
2011Republic of Lebanon2011/052022USD 3506.10%
2011Mubadala Development Co. (MDC GMTN B.V.) MTN Programme2011/042021USD 7505.50%
2011Mubadala Development Co. (MDC GMTN B.V.) MTN Programme2011/042016USD 7503.75%
2011MarchBank Al-Jazira2011/032021SR 1,000SIBOR plus 170
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/032026GBP 550 6.875%
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/032016EUR 1,2504.875%
2011International Petroleum Investment Corporation2011/032021EUR 1,2505.875%
2011Emaar Properties2011/012016USD 5008.50%
2010National Bank of Abu Dhabi2010/122020MYR 1504.90%
2010Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company2010/122013BHD 6.75.00%
2010Republic of Lebanon2010/122017LBP 1,500,0007.90%
2010Emaar Properties Convertible Bonds2010/12USD 5007.50%
2010Saudi British Bank2010/112015USD 600 3.00%
2010International Petroleum Investment Corporation2010/112015USD 1,0003.125%
2010International Petroleum Investment Corporation2010/112020USD 1,5005.00%
2010Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan2010/112015USD 7503.875%
2010Government of Ras Al Khaimah2010/112030JPY 5,0003.58%
2010Government of Ras Al Khaimah2010/112040JPY 10,0003.77%
2010Government of Ras Al Khaimah Tender and Exchange for RAKIA Sukuk Co Ltd Trust Certificates2010/11USD 325
2010Government of Ras Al Khaimah Tender and Exchange for RAKIA Sukuk Co Ltd Trust Certificates2010/11AED 1,000
2010MB Petroleum Services2010/112015USD 32011.25%
2010Qatar National Bank2010/112015USD 1,5003.125%
2010Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC2010/112015USD 7503.745%
2010Saudi Basic Industries2010/102015USD 1,0003.00%
2010Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait2010/102015USD 5004.5%
2010Islamic Development Bank2010/102015USD 5001.775%
2010Qtel International Finance Ltd2010/102025USD 7505.00%
2010Qtel International Finance Ltd2010/102021USD 1,0004.75%
2010Qtel International Finance Ltd2010/102016USD 1,0003.375%
2010HSBC Bank Middle East2010/102015USD 5003.00%
2010Dubai Electricity & Water Authority2010/102020USD 1,5007.375%
2010Dubai Electricity & Water Authority2010/102016USD 5006.375%
2010Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation2010/102015SR 2,000SIBOR plus 110
2010QIB Sukuk Funding Limited2010/102015USD 7503.856%
2010Government of Dubai EMTN Programme2010/092015USD 5006.70%
2010Government of Dubai EMTN Programme2010/092020USD 7507.75%
2010Burgan Bank2010/092020USD 4007.875%
2010Kuveyt Turk2010/082013USD 1005.25%
2010Emirates NBD Auto Finance Limited2010/082022JPY 19,000Floating Rate
2010The Republic of Turkey2010/082021USD 1,0005.625%
2010Qatari Diar Finance QSC2010/072015USD 1,0003.5%
2010Qatari Diar Finance QSC2010/072020USD 2,5005.00%
2010Nomura Sukuk Limited (Malaysia)2010/072012USD 100
2010Kuwait Projects Company2010/072020USD 5009.375%
2010Malaysia Global Sukuk Bhd Trust Certificates2010/062015USD 1,2503.928%
2010United Real Estate Company SAK2010/062013KD 28.56.75%
2010United Real Estate Company SAK2010/062013KD 11.5CBK DR + 375 bpt
2010Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company2010/062015USD 7505.00%
2010Mubadala Development Co. (MDC GMTN B.V.) MTN Programme2010/05Various
2010The Arab Republic of Egypt2010/042020USD 1,0005.75%
2010The Arab Republic of Egypt2010/042040USD 5006.75%
2010Dubai Electricity and Water Authority2010/042015USD 1,0008.50%
2010National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC2010/032015USD 7504.25%
2010The Republic of Turkey2010/032021USD 1,0005.625%
2010Kingdom of Bahrain2010/032020USD 1,2505.50%
2010Banque Saudi Fransi MTN Programme Issuance2010/032015USD 6504.25%
2009State of Qatar2009/112015USD 3,5004.00%
2009State of Qatar2009/112020USD 2,5005.25%
2009State of Qatar2009/112040USD 1,0006.4%
2009GE Capital Sukuk Ltd2009/11USD 500
2009Hilal Sukuk Co. (IFC)2009/112014USD 1003.037%
2009Dubai DOF Sukuk2009/112014USD 2,500AED EIBOR+370 USD 6.396%
2009First Gulf Bank MTN Programme Issuance2009/112012USD 5004.00%
2009Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank2009/102014USD 1,0004.75%
2009TDIC Sukuk Ltd 2009/102014USD 1,0004.949%